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Burlington wildlife artist will exhibit at Mountsberg this weekend 
Newspapers  "Burlington wildlife artist will exhibit at Mountsberg this weekend," Burlington Post, 23 Jan 1985, p. 9 
Artist has show in India 
Newspapers  "Artist has show in India," Burlington Post, 15 Jun 1985, p. 9 
Artist draws what he feels 
Newspapers  "Artist draws what he feels," Burlington Gazette, 5 Nov 1985, p. 11 
Teacher and artist praised 
Newspapers  "Teacher and artist praised," Burlington Post, 24 Aug 1985, p. 25 
Study shows culture big business locally 
Newspapers  "Study shows culture big business locally," Burlington Gazette, 8 Oct 1985, p. 22 
Burlington native back for show 
Newspapers  "Burlington native back for show," Burlington Post, 30 Mar 1985, p. 35 
Pottery career shaping up 
Newspapers  "Pottery career shaping up," Burlington Gazette, 2 Apr 1985, p. 19 
Learn Japanese dollmaking 
Newspapers  "Learn Japanese dollmaking," Burlington Post, 28 Aug 1985, Section C, p. 2 
Tim Maycock is approaching take-off 
Newspapers  "Tim Maycock is approaching take-off," Burlington Post, 30 Mar 1985, Section E, p. 14 
Photos by John Neel 
Newspapers  "Photos by John Neel," Burlington Post, 16 Mar 1985, p. 27 
Retired craftsman has time on hands 
Newspapers  "Retired craftsman has time on hands," Burlington Gazette, 6 Aug 1985, p. 2 
New Executive 
Newspapers  "New Executive," Burlington Post, 18 May 1985, p. 38 
Gifted help sought 
Newspapers  "Gifted help sought," Burlington Post, 15 May 1985, p. 12 
Raw deal for our whiz kids 
Newspapers  "Raw deal for our whiz kids," Burlington Gazette, 21 May 1985, p. 11 
Newly elected members 
Newspapers  "Newly elected members," Burlington Gazette, 12 Nov 1985, p. 42 
Professional engineers 
Newspapers  "Professional engineers," Burlington Post, 23 Nov 1985, p. 32 
Cross named co-ordinator 
Newspapers  "Cross named co-ordinator," Burlington Post, 10 Jul 1985, Section C, p. 3 
Big sisters needed for companions and support 
Newspapers  "Big sisters needed for companions and support," Burlington Post, 30 Jan 1985, Section C, p. 7 
New resources for area women 
Newspapers  "New resources for area women," Burlington Post, 13 Feb 1985, Section C, p. 3 
More Block Parents desperately needed 
Newspapers  "More Block Parents desperately needed," Burlington Gazette, 22 Oct 1985, p. 11 
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